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Vertical integration is one of the key competitive advantages of the company. We are proud of the unity of our divisions and the high level of interaction between them.

Closed cycle food production

Closed cycle food production

High export share

High export share

Business growth on an annual basis since its foundation in 1999

Business growth on an annual basis since its foundation in 1999

Poultry meat production

Poultry meat products under Petruha brand hold “Natural Product” mark approved by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus.


own raw materials used in production

30+ countries

Food sales geography

Animal feed production

Servolux Group of Companies is the largest producer of compound feed in the Republic of Belarus. We have two factories - in the Orsha district (Vitebsk region) and Smolevichi district (Minsk region).

2 000 tons per day

Capacity of equipment for animal feed production

570 000+ tons per year

Annual production of compound feed

Meat and sausage production

Deep meat processing is a rapidly growing industry. A good price-quality ratio of the final product is beneficial to both producers and consumers. Current trends and changes in consumer habits have significantly increased the consumption of convenience foods.

Production of culinary products and semi-finished products

New modern meat-processing complex for the production of semi-finished products and finished products. The enterprise produces semi-finished poultry products (minced meat, cutlets, kupati), breaded finished products (cutlets, nuggets, meatballs, strips).


high level of automation

1300tons per month

productive capacity

Dairy production

Dairy products of the brands Cream Nuvo and Landers produced by Smolevichi Moloko CJSC are not only well known to Belarusian consumers, but are present on the shelves of retail stores in several Russian regions.

More than 60%

Own milk used in production, which is a record for Belarus

Dairy farm

The country's largest dairy farm with a livestock population of 4,200 cows was launched in 2016. This is a unique project for the Republic of Belarus in terms of the technologies and modern approach used.

Own retail

The development strategy of our own retail network is to create multi-format stores within walking distance for the comfort of our consumers.

Poultry breeding

Parent stock of day-old young stock is a guarantee of stable production and safety of the final product. Purchasing day-old young stock of seed forms, incubating eggs and supplying day-old chickens to our own poultry farms is the main line of activity of Agrolink CJSC.

100+ million eggs

Annual production

2 breeds

Cobb and Ross - the two main cross breeds used


The company is actively working on finding and acquiring new properties for the development of the retail network and logistics structure, as well as to rent out its premises to third parties for temporary use.

Project engineering

Since its creation in 2007, the design and engineering office has completed more than 100 projects for the construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and major repairs of buildings and structures of varying complexity in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Hygiene and maintenance of production

The most important factor in the production of safe and high-quality products is the high level of cleanliness in the production area.

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