Animal feed production

Animal feed production

Compound feeds produced by the enterprises provide for high efficiency of our own broiler chicken farms.

The ECOMOL product line is well known to both large agricultural holdings and small farms. About 40% of the products are supplied to third parties. The territory of sales includes not only all regions of the Republic of Belarus, but also a number of regions of the Russian Federation. There is an increased interest in ECOMOL products from livestock farms in Central and Southeast Asia, so our specialists are carefully studying the possibilities of export to the countries of this region.

The range of products manufactured under the ECOMOL brand is very diverse: feed and feed additives for cattle, pig breeding, all types of birds, fish and rabbits. Retail sales are carried out through the KORMA stores that make feed and feed additives available for households.

We have carried out a complete technical re-equipment of production capacities of both sites and put into operation the following facilities: modern lines for the production of animal feed, protein, vitamin, and mineral additives and premixes, grain cleaning and drying complexes, and boiler houses. The elevator tanks for the storage of grain and protein raw materials, transport equipment and the compound feed fleet have been renewed. The introduction of high-tech equipment from leading European companies Van Aarsen B.V., CTB, Inc., and Bűhler GmbH allowed increasing the production of compound feeds to 570,000 tons per year.

A quality management system successfully implemented in enterprises and certified labs guarantee the safety of incoming raw materials and finished products. The quality of the final product is highly valued by agricultural experts.

We are actively working to create new products that meet the requirements of the modern approach to feeding farm animals. We are not limited to the production of compound feeds and offer developing comprehensive feeding programs, including consulting services of our specialists.The result is a significant reduction in the cost of livestock management, maximum realization of their genetic potential, which results in the desired economic effect.


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