Dairy farm

Dairy farm

The use of advanced European practices is aimed at creating maximum comfort for animals.

The farm provides for keeping animals loose on the sand as opposed to keeping them in stalls. 12 square meters of space are allocated per one animal. The ventilation is natural.

Calves under the age of 2 months are kept in individual houses. During the first hour after birth and 6 hours after, all calves receive colostrum through a probe. During this period immunoglobulins are received to protect the body most effectively. Preventive vaccination is arranged on the farm.

There is a separate milking zone with the automated carousel milking machine for 80 cows. The average productivity of the herd is 8500 l of milk per lactation (305 days).

The production volume today is 70-72 tons of milk per day.

This covers more than 60% of the need for fresh milk of our own dairy plant.


Branch Smolevichi Dairies

Republic of Belarus, Smolevichi district, Oktyabrsky village

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