Production of culinary products and semi-finished products

Production of culinary products and semi-finished products

In 2019, a new modern meat-processing complex Unimeat was opened.

The site is unique not only for the Republic of Belarus, but also for the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The production process is automated to the maximum. Human contact is minimized not only with the product, but also with any things.

On each of the sections: semi-finished products and finished products, one line is installed, but the designs are various: different types of machinery are used for certain types of molding and breading. The company uses GEA production equipment, the most advanced in the world today, a recognized leader in terms of breading systems and bringing the product to readiness in the oven.

The new complex also produces baked poultry products (nuggets, meatballs, shoulders, thighs, fillets and fricandels). The meat is baked using an innovative technology with hot steam, which preserves the nutritional value and juiciness of the product. Baked products are high in protein and low in fat. No oil is used in the cooking process.

All products are passed through metal detectors for metal contamination.

The CSB control system has been implemented at the production site, which allows you to control each stage of production. The system provides traceability from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished products to the counterparty. Due to the high quality of baked products of Unimeat CJSC in 2019 won the “Healthy Food” award in the “Innovative Product” category (Russian Federation, Moscow).

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