5 march 2019

BRAND “PETRUHA GOTOVO!” HAS RECEIVED "the “Healthy Nutrition 2018” Award

The Healthy Nutrition Award was initiated by the Social Projects Foundation in collaboration with the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Each year, the expert commission selects products that meet rigid criteria for healthy and safe nutrition. These criteria are the best met by Unimit CJSC when manufacturing products under the "Petruha&Gotovo!" brand.

According to the results of the competition, the “Petruha&Gotovo!” brand was declared the winner in the nomination “Innovation of the Year in Healthy Nutrition”.

Moreover, within the framework of the Healthy Nutrition Award, ROMIR Research Laboratory awarded the products of the “GOTOVO” line with the Consumer Choice Award.

We are grateful to independent experts for recognizing the excellent quality of the finished product. It is especially important for us that the the "Petruha&Gotovo!" brand is honored with the main award in the field of healthy nutrition because the production of baked products is a new and socially significant area of our work.

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