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02 February 2021

Servolux has created on the basis of the IT-sector a new subdivision Servolux Software Technologies, a software developer. The company is a HTP resident.

There is an urgent need in the market of the Republic of Belarus for effective industry-specific information and technical solutions and services that can support the growing export potential of agricultural products and food products. Historically, a low degree of automation and informatization of production and logistics processes of agricultural enterprises and processors, remoteness from large cities and economic centers have led to an outflow of qualified personnel from these industries. At the same time, the highly competitive environment in international markets imposes increasingly stringent requirements on product quality, labeling, packaging, communication channels, reliability and speed of response to customer requests. Businesses are forced to look for solutions that can meet the needs of demanding customers. Today, the technological level of development and digitalization are the main global trends.
The activities of Servolux Technologies CJSC, first of all, are aimed at effective IT support of business processes of Servolux Group of Companies. However, technical developments and solutions have created a platform for innovation and transformation in agrobusiness. The division's practical experience includes projects in development, operation and implementation of local (on-premises) and cloud services; providing technical and methodological support to agro-industrial and agricultural international holdings, individual food industries, processors, logistics companies and retail chains specializing in food and consumer goods (FMCG). At the moment, there are no information systems, teams and support services on the market that take into account the specifics of full-cycle agro-industrial enterprises and can ensure cross-border traceability of food products from raw materials to the sale of the finished product. For multinational companies, the issue of conducting operational economic activities in a single information system remains relevant.
At the first stage of Servolux Technologies activities, services will be provided to third-party organizations to support development, testing, revision, modification of software and other specialized services. At the second stage, the development and implementation of its own software products is carried out. Scope: corporate management, production, trade, logistics, etc. In order to eliminate the shortage of qualified technical personnel and low quality, or the absence of computing or network infrastructure at enterprises, the company will offer services for competent support, maintenance and operation of software and hardware tools and complexes developed and implemented by HTP residents, including using cloud technologies.
The company's clients are manufacturing and trading companies of the holding in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, as well as manufacturing (food), agricultural enterprises, holdings, logistics companies, retailers in the agro-industrial sector (poultry farming, production and processing of feed, meat and dairy products) on the territory of the CIS countries. Working with potential foreign customers will help increase the credibility of Belarusian IT companies. Such cooperation helps to improve the image and recognition in the world high-tech markets.
REFERENCE Servolux Technologies CJSC is a software developer. It is specialized in software and hardware products, services for implementation and maintenance of information systems in the areas of agro-industrial and agricultural production, warehouse and transport logistics. The following programs are used: 1c, Oscript, Python, PHP, etc. The creation of a new structural unit is due to the desire to raise the technological level of the business and maintain the dynamics of growth. The company is a HTP resident and currently has 70 employees in Mogilev, Minsk and Minsk region.

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