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31 December 2023

In 2023 the company continued to manage market challenges and adapt to changes

The current import-replacing program being implemented includes supply chain restructuring, building new economic relations with the partners from China and Middle Asia. Much is done to develop new geographical and product markets. 130 new product names are successfully launched: snacks, semi-manufactured goods, ready-to-eat poultry products. However, the company doesn’t prioritize arithmetics of quantitative growth. A lot of attention is paid to manufacturing culture, investments in technology and automatization, biosecurity. The capacity utilization rate approaches 100%. Still actual are the programs directing at high quality of production and partner service.
According to the marketing panel researches, the key brands of the company play a leading role in customer satisfaction. The company keeps a strict control over the quality of the goods it produces. 2023 launched a new project applying chat-bot and BI systems to accurately monitor the quality of products on retail shelves. Within one monitor about 100 products are valued. The data make a detailed online analytic report. Quality days held by production sites are supposed to discuss the accumulated statistics. Input control processes have also been upgraded. “BELMEAT” Branch of the company created the base of reference samples of complex food additives. In 2024 this successful experience will spread to the other enterprises of Servolux Group of Companies. A lot of preparatory work is done to adapt the company’s nomenclature base to the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union 051. The Environment Protection and Nature Resources Programs and Plans are developed to hit the targets in the area of environment protection. Analytic control and monitoring within the current law regulations are carried out to provide ecology security and ecological impact assessment.
2023 was marked not only by the transformation in production, technology and logistics but in the area of human resources as well. In 2023 864 employees of Servolux Group of Companies took training courses covering 360 programs. Servolux employees passed certification in 34 directions. The workers of “Smolevischi Broiler”, branch “UNIMEAT” OJSC “Smolevischi Broiler”, took continuing professional training and retraining opportunities. Since 2023, 11 professional training and retraining courses have been in great demand with the increasing number of production facilities of the company. Today Servolux Group of Companies unites people with a wide range of skills and outstanding knowledge and experience which makes it possible to realize the most daring projects both in domestic and foreign markets.

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