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19 March 2024

March, 13-17 Mogilev’s tennis courts of “Mogilev City Physical Training and Sports Complex” held the jubilee fifth tennis tournament “PETRUHA CUP”. The event is organized with the support of Servolux Group of Companies and PETRUHA Brand.

According to players, referees and coaches, “Petruha Cup” is one of the best children’s tennis tournaments in Belarus. The sports event is praised for many factors. The category of the tournament is one of them. In 2023 “Petruha Cup” U12 got a higher category – the third one, the previous category being the fourth one. It provides the tennis players with an opportunity of getting more points and upgrading their ranking. So, with the fourth category tennis tournament in the singles a junior gets 22 points while the winner of the third category tennis tournament gets 36 points. It’s not easy to win “Petruha Cup” since the event gathers the best and strongest tennis players.
Umpiring is an important criterion making the impression of the sports event. This year the umpires and referees training seminar was held before the start of the event. The speaker of the seminar was Andrei Akhrameiko, a referee of international category, "Silver Badge" owner, chairman of the main BTF referee board. The seminar discussed actual issues of refereeing in children’s tennis. The seminar helped umpires and referees to be better prepared for the tournament, which was noticed by the participants of the event.
The tennis courts of “Mogilev City Physical Training and Sports Complex” has got three indoor courts which were put into operation 5 years ago. There’s also a hotel for the participants to stay in. The sports complex is located in the picturesque and ecologically clean forest area by the lake. Fresh clean air, high quality courts, accommodation facilities make it an ideal combination of a court of a European level.
“PETRUHA CUP” is a unique tournament where every participant gets a present no matter what their results are. This year the tennis players got an exclusive present from the sponsor of the event – T-shirts with the “PETRUHA CUP” logotype. Specially designed for the tournament, the T-shirts were made in two universal colours – light green and light blue. Bright and comfortable they are! The winners of the tournament got unique cups and medals, valuable presents: sports feed, tennis strings, tennis equipment, backpacks.
“PETRUHA CUP” is also remarkable for its tasty lunch boxes that sportsmen got every day. The participants of the event also had an opportunity to taste crunchy pop-corn made of chicken fillet by “PETRUHA & Ready” brand. Pop-corn tasting is a traditional element of “PETRUHA CUP” enabling the participants to charge their energy to perform the best. 2024 holds one more “PETRUHA CUP” tournament for the players in the age category up to 14 years old. The tournament is held with the support of Servolux Group of Companies and PETRUHA Brand that are actively involved in development of tennis in Mogilev and Mogilev region.

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